You can upload artworks intend to sell at fixed price outside auction via your profile.
If you would like to sell artworks or design objects via online auction, please contact us: consignment@axioartconteporary.com


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We will inform you free of charge about the value of your artwork, your design object, whether it is worth selling at auction or beyond auction, and we do this without your obligation.
You can reach wide international community if you sell your artworks or design objects via axioartcontemporary.com
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Our colleagues who assist you with valuations

Csörögi Anikó Lilla
“Lilla Anikó Csörögi is an art historian. She studied history, history of art and aesthetics at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest. She interned at the Ethnographic Department of the Damjanich János Museum in Szolnok, at the Communication Department of the Vaszarely Museum and at the Painting Department of the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest. She is passionate about advancing the appreciation of modern and contemporary art to the widest possible audience.”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you send a reproduction of your work to AXIOART CONTEMPORARY and we provide a valuation estimate, you do not need to sell the item with us.
Valuation is based on recent market information and previous auction records of similar pieces, when available. Additionally, condition, provenance, or exhibition history of your work of art/design object, are two important factors in determining the value of your work.
After a successful sale, the vendor is responsible to ship the item to the office of AXIOART CONTEMPORARY where subsequently the buyer collects the item in person or requests for a shipment. The expenses of a shipment of a sold item to the buyer from the office of AXIOART CONTEMPORARY is covered by the buyer.
Following the item is sold, AXIOART CONTEMPORARY will notify the seller about the status of each lot offered for sale via email. The Vendor is obliged to pay when taking over the item either by collecting the item at our office or when receiving the shipped item. After the above take over-payment process between the buyer and AXIOART CONTEMPORARY we will pay net sale proceeds (the hammer price minus the vendor's commission and any sale-related expenses) to the seller within 30 business days of payment being received.
Contact our client services team at support@axioartcontemporarycom
Our specialists will recommend the most effective form of sale for your work of art. If they suggest to sell the item beyond auction your work of art or design object can be uploaded immediately, and our specialist will publish it within 5 working days. If our specialists suggest to sell the item at an auction it would take about 1 or 2 month to sell the work of art or the design object at an upcoming sale.
Our specialists need photo reproductions of your work of art or design object in order to give a proper valuation and an expert opinion on the most effective sale form. We can help you to contact a photographer specialized on taking good quality photos of work of arts or design objects.
After receiving good quality images and details of your work, our specialists will carefully examine each item and respond to you within ten business days.
If you intend to sell a larger collection, please send a list of the works (alongside with reproductions) you would like to sell and your contact details directly to support@axioartcontemporary.com
Our specialist will suggest a selling price or a starting price (in case of selling at an auction) and work with you to set a mutually agreed reserve price. A reserve is a value at which the work will not sell below and will be kept confidential from any bidders.
For every item sold, AXIOART CONTEMPORARY charges the seller a vendor's commission. Our specialists will discuss the terms related to the sale in advance and work with you to agree upon an appropriate sale plan. Occasionally, the condition of your work may have to be inspected in person or additional photography might be necessary. Costs associated with these processes will be charged to the seller.The vendor's commission is 8%. Our consignment model provides for you to keep the item in your possession until it sells. Should there be any additional fees, which is rare, we will deduct the costs from sale proceeds.