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Juci Kele Souls

80x120x4 cm

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Souls\r\n\r\nWe are in a special company every day. We can’t see or touch them, therefore usually we don’t think they exist. But we can always feel their warm presence if we focus on our loved ones. \r\n

Juci Kele

Budapest, 1981


Dream. Tale. Reality.
I'm JUCI /jutsi/. I dance. I paint. I design.

With my paintings I show a world that really surrounds us in some way, we just have to let our childish soul fly. And look with an adult eye. I love when I connect to the energies of the universe, and let them show the magical dreamworld, paradise on Earth that we live in. My paintings are my deepest visions of my consciousness, which brings me closer to myself.

I graduated as an architect, from where I brought my love of textures and surfaces, their proportions and ways of editing.

Motherhood started a new stage in my life. My daughters hold a mirror in front of me and owing to it. I can find myself again just like in dancing, meditation, self-recognition and love.

My repetitive topics are meditative states, freedom, loneliness, the endless and the duality of longing and arriving. Though my artworks are based on my own experiences, I think the feelings rising from them can be common to all of us.


1981.08.30. Born in Budapest, Hungary
1994 - 2000 Toldy Ferenc High School
2000 - 2007 Master degree in Architecture at Budapest University of Technology and Economics
2003 - 2008 Iparterv Zrt. - junior architect
2005 - 2010 Alan D. Olin, Redwood City, California, USA - architect
2008 - 2010 Pálffy Építész Studio - architect, interior designer
2010 - 2013 Beside my two daughters - full-time mom
2011 - 2012 BKSZC - goldsmith training
2013 - 2014 Defo Design Galery - architect, interior designer
2014 - 2017 Hannabi Sofa - furniture designer
2017 – Full time painter


2015 ”dream, tale, reality” - first solo exhibition, Tranzit Art Cafe, Budapest
2017 ”piknik” - second solo exhibition, PIKNIK Manufaktúra, Nagymaros
2018 ”eyes closed” - third solo exhibition, Farger Kávézó, Budapest
2018 ”between” - solo exhibition, Ellátóház, Budapest
2018 ”Dessewffy 35” -  Budapest
2018 ”eyes” - solo exhibition, Bar Coffee, Érd
2018 ”we can fly” - solo exhibition, Tranzit Art Café, Budapest
2019 ”reach yourself” - solo exhibition, Magnet Közösségi Ház, Budapest


2007 BME Architect Diploma Award - group exhibition, Budapest
2007 ALUTA - group architect exhibition, Budapest
2008 MÉK - group architect exhibition, Budapest
2009 "I give you hope and future" - group exhibition, Barabás Villa, Budapest
2018 Vad Art Kiállítás V. - group exhibition, Budapest
2018 2nd Annual Colors Exhibitions - group exhibition
2018 LightSpaceTime Award - ’Figurative’ Art Exhibition -  comp.
2018 2nd Annual Colors Exhibitions - csoportos kiállítás
2018 LightSpaceTime - ‘Figurative’ Művészeti Kiállítás - csoportos kiállítás
2018 7. International Art Symposium in Eger - Kiszsinagóga, Eger
2018 Mama D’s Coffee - group exhibition, WI, USA
2018 Vad Art Kiállítás IX. - group exhibition, Budapest
2019 International Art Symposium in Mallnitz -  group exhibition Mallnitz, Ausztria
2019 Everness festival -  Csesznek, Hungary
2019 Hug festival -  Csesznek, Hungary
2019 Ozora festival -  Ozora,  Hungary
2019 Vad Art Kiállítás XII. - group exhibition, Dürer Kert, Budapest


2004 Winner design of the building of the Hungarian Embassy in Washington DC  - co-designer
2004 Winner design of the Zagreb Embassy building - co-designer
2005 Purchase the plans of the Érd Police Department building - designer
2007 Diploma Award Budapest University of Technology and Economics
2007 Aluta - Master Degree Student Award  - 1st Prize
2018 2nd Annual Colors Exhibitions - comp. - group exhibition
2018 LightSpaceTime Award Special Recognition Category - ’Figurative’ Art group Exhibition
2018 Special Merit Category LightSpaceTime Award - ’Figurative’ Art group Exhibition
2019 Special Recognition Category - LightSpaceTime Award - ’Figurative’ Art group Exhibition


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